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Step-up system

Start the process for growth!

S-Grow is a company which starts the process for growth

Want to get a chance of promotion?

S-Grow doesn’t leave you, who was employed as a part-time worker, to just remain in part time work.
We provide chances for those who are desired and have clear goals to go a further step. Self-promotion like getting a forklift license is well supported.

Keep on studying, improve the personal skills.

S-Grow has established an employee recruitment system for general and administrative duties.

Getting forklift qualifications are well supported. It’s a chance for any employee who is with will and desire.
Also offering routes from part-time positions to full-time employees!

  • Picking and sorting
    Picking and sorting
  • inspections
  • office work
    office work

We even provide support for the acquisition of forklift licenses or instructional guidance for Work and Excel!

If you have decided “I want a lifetime job!” then start with the employee adoption STEPUP system!

  • STEP1

    Workplace employee

    Forklift license required, mainly focusing on fieldwork and safety management

    Ranking up and salary increase will be according to your work attitude and work experience!

    Rank is divided into 6 levels among all workplace employees.
    The work you do and your efforts are properly valued.

  • STEP2

    Workplace management – General Manager

    Focus on on-site human resources management and business management.

    Promotions and raises in accordance with semi-annual assessments and regulations

    Workplace management employee -> Sub-leader -> Leader -> Manager (individual ranks available)
    Performing checks as the whether or not staff are performing their duties smoothly, as well as human resource management, such as support relating to improving duties or duty management.

  • STEP3

    Company management - General Manager/Manager

    Management of each sales office, company operation management

    Promotions and raises in accordance with semi-annual assessments and regulations

    Manager -> Chief clerk -> Section manager -> Department head -> General Manager (individual ranks available)
    Performing checks as to whether or not human resources are being distributed properly or if duties are proceeding smoothly, as well as operation duties with a focus on profitability for the company in the future, such as how to increase revenue.

A chance for employee recruitment for anyone with the will and desire
Aim to the senior staff level from a part-time position!