Inter-company logistics B to BBtoB

Characteristics of Inter-company logistics B to B

Characteristic of inter-company logistics is to meet the requirements of the receiving end. Business discussions can get difficult if warehouses cannot meet your logistical requirements.


Failure Case 1:Fails to fully confirm the content of contract

If you have questions regarding to set a deadline for order placement, to current data exchange or anything else, please contact us.
The most frequently appeared problem is that the contract is signed without investigating the service quality of the logistic company. When the work starts and unrecorded problem occurs, a gap appears between the shipper and the logistic company, which leads to lose customers’ trust.

Failure Case 2:Sets cost reduction as the primary goal

Shipper puts too much effort into cost reduction therefore consign the work to low-cost logistic company. However when the cooperation begins, since business cannot go smoothly, the contract has to be terminated. Because of the withdrawal of the logistic company; shipper could not get its merchandise shipped. This is a loss not only for logistic company but also for shipper.

  • Change in how we manage products
  • Putting a bar code sticker
  • S-Grow
  • Tagging, product inspection and change in personnel number
  • Putting an incoming label to our wholesale customers
  • Respond to various needs of shippers

We are chosen by these types of companies.

Companies that are currently experiencing logistical problems and are looking for improvement.
By considering the cost of import and export, we will propose the most suitable distribution center and warehouse in Kansai. Please let us do it for you.
Companies have too many distribution centers and want to narrow down in Kobe.
We look after goods for small and medium size vendors and also provide third- party logistics services. In order to meet the requirements of shippers, services are provided from orders receiving/sending, inventory management, purchase and shipment, distribution, inspection, to packing, and so on.
New shippers who just started its business.
At the beginning, as the order quantity may not too much, it is expensive to establish a distribution center. We provide plans for shipment in small quantities.
Any companies having issues with logistics.
Please feel free to contact us. We will handle all your logistical needs.
Companies do logistics on their own but have high cost.
We are capable of accepting the following commissions: orders receiving/sending, inventory management, import and export, distribution processing, quality inspection, packaging, etc.
Having trouble with staff education and training which ended up with high education cost.
We are not a dispatch agency and are able to offer shippers a one-stop or partial services which includes orders receiving/sending, inventory management, import and export, distribution processing, quality inspection, packaging and shipment.
Transaction volume fluctuates depending on the time of the year.
Considering the quantity of shipment may be under the influence of midseason or off-season, we also provide spot services such as one-month cooperation and one-day quality inspection service. We can make all-kind of business designs based on customers’ demand.
High labor cost is becoming pressure.

Since every single entrusted work will be different, if the amount of work is known, the cost of every month will be able to be estimated.

High turnover rate makes it harder for companies to assign tasks to every staff.
In the situation where employee turnover is difficult to manage, the deployment of human resource won’t be able to coordinate with the allocation of work duties. We apply contract labor dispatching mode, define their job contents based on month unit, and therefore please let us do it for you. Customers may choose to conclude the dispatch contracts as contracts. Within several months of dispatched labors working for customers, we will make a complete planning proposal for customers’ logistics service.

We provide service at a fluctuating rate in line with sales and delivery volume.

  • グラフ Management expense and personnel expense is not in line with sales or delivery volume in months when sales or delivery volume are low.
  • 矢印
  • グラフ In our case it fluctuates in line with sales and delivery volume therefore leads to drastic cost reduction.