MCDMarketing Commercial Distribution

MCD (Marketing Commercial Distribution)

MCD stands for Marketing Commercial Distribution and it means marketing product flow.
Our company not only propose outsourcing of logistics but propose a total package of marketing, branding, sales and logistics.

MD (Merchandising Plan)
We provide merchandise development and marketing which is that the most appropriate quantity and price for the appropriate period and place in order to make sure that the customers’ requirement is fulfilled.
Online Store
The merchandise which is developed by MD or the products which belongs to the shipper of EC logistics can be sold in several different ways. Our unique marketing concept enables us to develop a unique marketing program for a wide range of products.
  • Online store administration work

  • Photograph taking agency service

  • Our own purchasing route, sourcing ⇒ Sales, Sales promotion

EC logistics

Our EC logistics can handle not only merchandise as outsourcing but also merchandise sold at online stores.

  • Contract logistics business using our system (BtoC+BtoB)

  • Logistics operations of our EC and MD business (BtoC+BtoB)

  • Online store administration work by integrating all logistics

  • Overseas shipping e.g. Amazon, America

Example of MCD

Photo catalyst Solvent Development.
The visible light of photo catalyst is normally used for deodorization, antibacterial, anti-virus, anti-fungal and mildew prevention in buildings’ construction.
AirLeaf, which developed from the solvent, is currently available for purchasing online or in-store.
Because of the function of removing the odor on clothes, it has been adopted to famous menswear manufacturers.